Our Boats

We have boats of every configuration from an 8+, a 4+, 2x, 2-, and singles. 

2010 Wintech International 1x - The racing single!

2008 Wintech Competitor 2x/- This is a great racing boat for scullers and sweep rowers.   Many club members use this boat regularly

2005 Wintech Explorer 30 2x/- This recreational/training boat is a great, stable training platform.  Highlands Rowing Center is in the process of buying this boat.

2008 Wintech Explorer 24 1x This is a very versatile boat.  More stable than a racing 1x, but still fun and responsive

1995 Alden 18 1x/2x  This is an extremely stable boat for the beginning sculler.  Bought from Shake-A-Leg in 2000

2004 Wintech International 4+  This racing shell is great for any group of sweep rowers.  Bought from Delta Blades in 2008. Owned by RowForFun. This boat was sold in 2010.

2005 Wintech International 4+ This boat is great for any group of rowers. Starting in 2010, it will have sculling riggers as well.  Bought from Delta Blades in 2008 - owned by RowForFun.

Dirigo 8+ "Owen Colleary" - Great early season training boat!  Bought from Duquesne University in 2007, this sectional 8 is also referred to as the "Battleship NJ". It's watertight and a great training platform!